Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor. Born on 28th September 1982, Ranbir is a Number 1 person in numerology ruled by Number 1 (Sun).

Ranbir Kapoor

Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor.
Born on 28th September 1982, Ranbir is a Number 1 person in numerology ruled by Number 1 (Sun).
Ranbir will be entering the 31st(4) year of his life which indicates a good time for him on the professional front but a ‘confusing’ state on the personal side.
He should be wearing a Yellow Sapphire above 4 carats to be set in gold on his right hand index finger on a Thurs

day evening (one hour before sunset) which will help him remain focused and head to the right direction.
On the film front, expect awards and rewards galore after delivering an outstanding performance in his last release Barfi.
As 31 adds to 4 which is unconventional.
Recently priyanka gave unconventional performance in her 31st(4) year in Barfi.
Ranbir will also be doing unconventional films in his 31st(4) year.
Besharam with Abhinav Kashyap &
Bombay Velvet a period drama with Anurag Kashyap.
He should spell his name as RANBIR R KAPOOR for best results.

Ranbir- Priyanka starrer Barfi! has been nominated as India’s official entry to the Oscars in the category of ‘Best Foreign Language Film’.

Ranbir- Priyanka starrer Barfi! has been nominated as India's official entry to the Oscars in the category of 'Best Foreign Language Film'.
My prediction for BARFI was
Barfi adds to lucky no. 14 (5) hence movie will be hit.
As I said this year 2012 is good for no. 5 & 8.
Release date of the movie is also 14th September which adds to 5.
Ranbir Kapoor is no.1(28th September 1982) is running in hi
s very lucky 29th(2) year.
He will prove he is one of the best actors around.his performance will win him tremendous accliam honour awards & rewards.
Priyanka Chopra is running in her 31st(4) year.4 means unconventional.she will be loved too as she is portraying unconventional character of suffering from autism.
Ileana D'Cruz is no.1(1 November 1987) running in her lucky 25th(7) year.
She will make a good debut & will be accepted in bollywood.
Producer Ronnie Screwvala (8th June 1956) and director Anurag Basu (8th May) are both directly Number 8 person’s.
So thier luck will also help the film to become success story.



For those born on 1st: You have originality energy, enthusiasm, and artistic nature verging on brilliance

No. 1

For those born on 1st:
You have originality energy, enthusiasm, and artistic nature verging on brilliance. Though you may have a large social circle, you are a loner at heart. You desire leadership and loose interest in work otherwise. You are cheerful, bright and optimistic.
For those born on 10th:
You have a magnetic personality and are respected for your intelligence and knowledge. You usually 
get your optimum success after the 46th year. You may get financial benefits from your relatives. You may get fame or notoriety depending upon your character and will power.
For those born on 19th:
You are full of vitality and enthusiasm. You are quick at taking decisions and like to work in a systematic and methodical way. You are essentially a sports person. You may not be good speaker but you are good at writing. You are usually successful and honored. At times you may become hasty and impetuous.

For those born on 28th:
You are very generous and like to spend on charity for schools, institutions, hospitals etc. You have unyielding will power and you do not hesitate to carry out your plans. However, you may not be as lucky as other members of 1 Nature Number. You should select your marital partner carefully. You should take care of your expenses and save money for the future as you may have to suffer losses through trust in others and litigation.

You have a strong mind and body. You are attractive to members of opposite sex. You love to lead your life on your own terms. You have clarity of vision, fixity of purpose and liketo be top of your profession so that people respect you, and your subordinates "look up to". You are brimming with ideas and fondness for novelty and latest technology. You are materialistic in nature and have a fondness for luxuries and comforts of life. You are conscious of your public image. Though you are likely to enjoy the fruits of other person's labor, you encourage your colleagues and young people to grow.

Generally high spirited and jovial, like your ruling planet Sun, you are a source of light and delight and are dedicated to serve humanity at large. You should refrain from being overly ambitious or too independent. You must also restrain yourself from being reckless or dictatorial. You should not be too critical of others and avoid being boastful or be demanding attention all the time or over indulgent (if you are a male person). You should not struggle alone, without seeking help of others only to prove your individuality.



Persons born on 8 th : love peaceful lives , make efforts to achieve many things, religions, occultism, and philosophy attract their minds

Persons born on 8 th : love peaceful lives , make efforts to achieve many things, religions, occultism, and philosophy attract their minds . the flesh will yearn for wordly pleasures while the spirit will lean towards sacrifice , restless , hardworking , upright lives, capable of performing impossible tasks , strive hard for social reforms.

Persons born on 17th: if these people are not rich by birth , they strive hard to achieve such a status, if the name number is favourable , they amass great wealth and enjoy all comforts of life. Do not earn through honourable means to satisfy their base desires.

Persons born on 26th : less fortune than 8 17 , by the time they are 17th they will lose either one or both their parents imaginative powers , humour and intelligence , attain wealth and fame in their old age., even during adolescence, they will meet obstacles in their education and future development. , generally blamed for the faults of others and earn lot of enemies ,

Negative effects : overwork and little time for personal matters , over ambitiousness, too much materialism, strain and tension , lack of humanitarianism towards others, impatience with others and tragedy of fate.
The brain is active and sharp, they weigh their speech carefully, patient and untiring , work for long on a problem , extreme sense of discipline and dutifulness, love music cautious about their future, and take decisions thoughtfully, creative , productive and domineering, feel lonely at heart , likely to be misunderstood.
Delay in achieveing financial stability , which they achieve rather late in life. Trust very few , despite preoccupations they icur losses and are robbed by their servants, they should avoid drugs of all kinds.

Married life : no 8 husband : usually he does not have any desire to get married , and is not much attracted to girls, prefers to be alone, marries at a very late age , often makes his married life miserable , very orthodox and does not allow his wife to have modern ideas or wear modern dresses . this creates disappointment in his wife and dislike for her husband .

No 8 wife : she has a masculine personality , she is systematic, enjoys family life and likes to make sacrifices for her children and husband . she lacks feminine warmth, delicacy and sentiment. 

For those born on 8th:
You are highly intellectual and would like to devote your time in some serious study rather than enjoy social life. You are comfortable when you inherit vast wealth and do not have to work hard to earn your way. You are often rich, but you spend your money on institutions and hospitals for scientific research or social reforms. You have extreme sense of discipline, steadfastness and dutifulness. You admire fair play and often rise to high position and fame. But you are likely to be misunderstood and in advanced years may loose your reputation and are surrounded by scandal. Some sort of family tragedy or estrangement may visit you. It is the primary influence of your ruling planets.

For those born on 17th:
You have a creative and constructive mind; you are an able organizer, methodical and diligent. You are courageous and proud. You love peace and tend to be philanthropist Sometimes you are generous to a fault and sometimes stingy. You are attracted towards mysticism and occultism, but you may not escape the tragic influence of your ruling planet.

For those born on 26th:
You would love to enjoy life without doing anything .You may become sluggish and lethargic. Though you have all the qualities of your number in built in you, you tend to ignore them and earn easy money. You are lucky in money matters. You are smart but may lack possessiveness. Your smartness is essentially a façade, since you tend to worry a lot inside. You may have problems in your love affairs.

No. 8 overall You are strong tough and can be ruthless. You enjoy continuous hassles and struggle for power. Dynamic and independent, you dislike dependence. You are confident and determined. You set goals for yourself throughout your life. You are an excellent organizer. Your career is more important than your domestic life. You have intense nature, great strength of individuality; you generally play some important role in life's stage. Often fatalistic or sometimes as instruments of fate for others, often you are recognized after your death. You are a lone ranger and for this reason, you have few real friends. When instigated, you do not rest till you have completely devastated your enemies. You have a long memory and carry your animosity till death, you are an extremist, and both in friendship and enmity .No middle path is for you: you either aspire for and get great honor and success or massive failure. You do not believe in prevalent norms and often come into conflict with social or moral values. One side of your nature represents upheavals, revolution, anarchy, waywardness and eccentricities of all kinds While the other side represents philosophical thought, strong learning towards occult Studies, religious devotion, concentration of purpose, relentless zeal for any cause and a fatalistic outlook. Until the age of 35, you are not able to have any bank balance as you hop from one crisis to another but after this age you love to see your balances grow and try to sharpen your mental facilities. If you are a woman, you are likely to inherit money and save for your old age. Though you are homely and devoted at later age, you may like to live alone because of many sad experiences in marital life or difficulties in finding a suitable partner.


NUMBER -7 No 7 stands in symbolism for the planet Neptune. Persons born on 7,16, 25


No 7 stands in symbolism for the planet Neptune. Persons born on 7 16 25 and born on 21 st june to july 27th , get on well with no 2 people, independent, original , individuality. At heart they love change and travel , restless In their natures. Interested in foreign countries and affairs of far off lands , wide universal knowledge of world , good writers painters and poets , show pecu

liar philosophical outlook on life . non materialistic, become rich by original ideas and methods of business, donations to charities and institutions from their wealth, women marry well and anxious about future, and feel that they need some rock to rest on lest the waters of fate sweep them away. Good ideas about business, peculiar ideas of religion , they create a religion of their own . remarkable dreams and great learnng to occultism , gift of intuition , clairvoyance. Born on 7 14 25 are ruled by ketu dates with destiny no 7 , wear clean clothes, refined. Choose their words very carefully, confident , difference of opinion , rarely earn good friends, short tempered and get angry easily. Environment is harmonious get along well with others, otherwise prefer their time in solitude. When they face problems they will not share with anyone and bury among them selves as they lost something precious. 7 16 25 will be intitally patriotic and change their views later, invites jealousy of others.Rarely get ideal life partners, even if they get which is rare , they will not have children, and something lacking in family life, hardworking , women marry men of higher status.
Mental strength is more than physical strength some times they blow up minor issues into unrealistic proportions and will worry endlessly , worry about their future , dare and achieve many things , surrounded by people who encourage and inspire them .experess their views boldly, work independently, these people can be termed as unlucky.Come up in life with their hard work only , child prodigies are born in this number all that they see in their dreams will come true . lead their life with unfulfilled desires , at the end something is missing and lacking. Those who rise to the top will tend to lead ordinary leaves (if name number is 7 this will def happen) , skilled work , specialization, passionate interest, being charming, sincere and reserved. Analytical mind, interest in research, investigation , discovery and observations , intelligence, spiritual knowledge, excellent mental prowess, wisdom and knowledgeMysterious nature and philosophical tendencies , male quality slow and steady, interest in occult affairs , magnetic nature, and intuitive powers. Creative and imaginative, writing articles books poetry and painting. independent and original , non materialistic and philanthropic , north east
People born on 7th : mild mannered soft natured and will give up everything for others, intelligent, and taste in arts , worship with great faith, constant problems with family life child like , adamant in matters of love and arts
Persons born on 16th: greater mental strength , if groomed properly their exceptional and uncommon talents can be made to blossom . many child prodigies born on this date, many people shock the world with their actions, avoid illicit love affairs,
People born on 25 th : fanatically religious people and will openly preach about their religion claiming to be the only path to attain salvation , honoured and revered, religious heads, judges, speakers of parliament, many look up to them for guidance, however they cannot lead a happy and smooth family life


Negative effects : too much reservedness, lack of trust in others, aloofness, confusion, depression, pride , bad temper, irritability, argumentativeness and meanness.
Punctual, right order in everything ,like freedom even brake the traditional bondage, their behaviour is mystery to others, absent minded , should be cautious while lending money , they may not get back it easily , avoid drugs and drinks, advised light food at night.
No 7 husband : he is emotional but understands the feelings of his wife . liberal, fond of picnics,,travel and cinema , suspicious of his wife , he is critical about everything and that creates tension for family members , nothing satisfies them . he is a spendthrift and likes to live lavishly, all comforts in life.
No 7 wife : moody , unpredictable behaviour, restless and gets disturbed , expects her husband to look after her all the time , likes to be alone and does not mix with others.
Lucky colours : green, white, yellow 



NUMBER – 9 Stands in symbolism for the planet mars. Born on 9 th 18 27 are between 21st march and april 26th or between 21oct and 27th nov.


Stands in symbolism for the planet mars. Born on 9 th 18 27 are between 21st march and april 26th or between 21oct and 27th nov. Fighters , difficult time in early years, by the end they are successful by their girt, strong will, and determination. Hasty in temper, impulsive, independent, and desire to be their own masters bound to make more enemies, they are often wounded or killed either in warfare or in the battle of life . 9 is noticed to be more than usually dominant in the dates and events of their lives, great courage and make excellent soliders or leaders. Prone to accidents from fire and explosions , may undergo operations by surgeons knife . experience many quarrels and strife in home life . either with their own relations or with the family they are married into. They strongly resent criticism , they always have good opinion of themselves , they like to be head of the house. Resourceful and excellent in organization, but they must have full control, otherwise they lose heart and stand aside and let things go to pieces. For affection and sympathy they will do anything , men of this number are made fools if clever women gets pulling at their heartstrings. Get on well with 3 6 9 people, Shakti has the effect of 5 and the destroyer represented by 9 represents mars , 9 18 27 of any month are under this control. Having destiny no also 9 . it helps them to gain all the benefits in the present birth itself. Born to struggle., entire life will be filled with struggles of every sort, patriotic and do something good for the country. , intelligent persons of this number will spend much time in assessing the strengths of the opponents and will act accordingly, thus proving that they are adaptable they are just people who bide their time and wait for the opportunity if they find themselves losing in any situation, they will work upon a compromise immediately that will invariably be made out on their own terms.flexilble , risk their lives even in minor issues, intelligent 9 will not disclose their opinion to others, average 9 will disclose everything and will expose their anger and feelings. Failures never deter them and have the inner strength to withstand any problem , they often get novel ideas . smiling face , very helpful to friends , Selflessness, forgiveness, magnanimity, humanitarianism, tolerance, generosity, broadmindedness, charitable nature, philanthropic spirit, religiousness, dramatic talents, unorthodoxy, spirituality, propensity for divine life, skill, trustworthiness, loyalty, romanticism, working for others, and good health. Aggressive, energetic,youthful, active , assertive, angry and short tempered. Lively and generous , leadership qualities daring and dashing activities, impulsive decision, dynamisim , and commanding skills Plotting , scheming and night life activities. Violence, street fighting, accidents, injuries War , destruction and bloodshed Courage and confidence , enemies and legal disputes, quarrels and quarrelsome nature , independent and highly ambitious , south, murders and murderers.

Negative effects – moody , haste, unfaithful in love affairs, and careless in money matters, selfish , intolerant, deceptive, inclined to high living and given to eating, drinking and merry making. A rule is rule no drifting away from it . brave, strict than kind, aggressive and will not stop until they achieve their goal , they will not accept defeat , they do not have weak sentiments , sympathy for poor , love children and animals, fond of the family, lead good married life despite their bad temper.Enjoy all comforts that money can buy, lucky in money matters, earn more than an average person.
They should take head bath regularly, fruit milk and buttermilk regularly


Persons born on 9th : ambitious and aim to perform stupendous tasks. ,they will combat all opposition and live happily
Persons born on 18th : only when these people give up selfishness , will they be prosperous, they must not make hasty decisions, this no brings misunderstandings and ill feeling with all those around , these people must exercise control over anger and avoid obstinate. Emotions will constantly spur their minds.
Persons born on 27th : involved only in good work and will inturn derive benefits , plans will succed because of their wisdom , peaceful persons compared to 9 18, profound thinkers who will work tirelessly, deeply analyze anything and everything. Advised not to carry arms even for self defence

Married life: no 9 husband : he is fond of a good looking wife, family and children and would like to have a good house , he is always suspicious of his wife.

No 9 wife : she is a witty and clever conversationalist. She is an ambitious person and will assist her husband in his business

Lucky colours : Red rose tones, pink, crimson & deep red. 



People born on 6th: noble and zealous, humble and possess profound ideas and thoughts, achieve expertise in fine arts , intense desire to earn and save money .

People born on 6th: noble and zealous, humble and possess profound ideas and thoughts, achieve expertise in fine arts , intense desire to earn and save money . 
Persons born on 15 th : attractive and will captivate anyone easily, receive favours from different sources , normal manner of speaking to others will be like that of a good orator and veteran actor. Good debators , witty and humourous, ability to be happy all times. 

People born on 24th : humble by nature and experts at getting their work done. Lucky in marriage and in obtaining coveted posts , greater determination and courage than 6 15 , 

Negative effects : too much of duty consciousness, and sacrifice , troubles to others, family ties, self sacrifice , straightforwardness, craving for recognition and celibacy . 

Passionate, trustworthy, advised to take honey daily, 

No 6 husband : he expects his partner to be neat and have charm and grace, loves children and home. Kind , generous and devoted, desires to have a wife can be proud of . 

No 6 wife : devoted mother and loving wife , loves domestic life and perfect homemaker fine companion intelligent and kind hearted , others jealous by their behaviour ,

Lucky colours: shades of blue, rose pink, dark green, white & silver.

Hi vedant. I got my first export bussiness deal. Its a great things for me. …

Annita Tiwaari 

Annita Tiwaari Nepal.
Hi vedant. I got my
first export bussiness deal. Its a great things for me. Its about inr 50 lakh
per month business. Thank u man for helping me. I am very greatful to u.

Thank u
N they r eager to
work with me in a other project also.

Thank u n u r great

U changed my
everthing within few days

How can i thank u??


As predicted Barfi is hit. Barfi! Is Excellent On Monday

As predicted Barfi is hit.
Barfi! Is Excellent On Monday 
Barfi! had excellent collections on Monday as it dropped just 25% from Friday. The collections on Monday were around 6.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The collections are only behind Ek Tha Tiger, Rowdy Rathore, Agneepath and Housefull 2 for 2012 on a Monday.

The collections at some centres were better on Monday than Friday. Many 

centres where the opening was not strong saw better figures on Monday. The multiplexes were just excellent as tickets rates come down 20-25% on Monday and collections saw more or less a similar drop meaning similar footfalls to Friday. 

The film has grossed over 40 crore nett in five days and with holiday on some parts of the country on Wednesday, the week should finish around 55 crore nett.