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About the Expert : Vedant Sharmaa is a well-known astrologer from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh with 10 years of experience in astrology, vastu and numerology. He started practicing jyotish activities from 2005. His father is a well-known astrologer and he developed his knowledge from his father’s experience and practice. His ancestors share the same profession, hence he not only practices what he was preached, but also has developed deep-knowledge in it. He received many appraisals in his numerology practice, recently he was recognized as the astrologer of the week by Astroprasad. Vedant Sharmaa shot a documentary which is due to present in festival circuit at overseas. He was invited for a radio show in Australia, and even appeared for an episode on numerology on Zoom Tv. His articles are published by popular media houses namely Mid-Day and DNA. He has been nominated for excellence in numerology category in Mumbai Astro World awards.

My job is to provide u luck