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अश्वत्थामाबलिर्व्यासोहनुमांश्च विभीषण:कृपश्चपरशुरामश्च सप्तैतेचिरंजीविन:।

Ashwathaama Balir Vyasaha Hanumantha Vibeeshanaha Kripa Parashuramascha Saptaitey Chiranjivinaha

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Parad Pyramid is the world’s best product to keep on your office desk or study table.


Parad Pyramid is the world's best product to keep on your office desk or study table.
Parad is the most heaviest metal of the world
Energized Parad (Mercury) Pyramid emits positive energy & positive vibrations at the area where it is kept. It abolishes the negative energy caused by vastu defect.
Pyramid corners are the symbols of truth peacefulness wisdom & seriousness.
Its pointed part is the sign of tri level divine power.
Mercury pyramid increases self confidence strength memory
Parad (Mercury) Pyramid balances & harmonize the aura around us.
It also removes negativity from the surroundings
Therefore we can place this parad pyramid in our home/office,the place is purified by the power of parad & vastu defects are rectified.
The benefits of parad pyramid are ever lasting. Its a very useful yantra which always help a man in every walk of life.
A pyramid of parad acts like a medicine. Its a huge store of many qualities & divine powers.
It helps a person regains efficiency & create positive vibration in his body.
It will increase the positive aura of the place where it is kept.
You can also press the parad pyramid between your both hands & take energy from it daily.

1.If any court case is pending. Keep parad pyramid on case file. Case will be solved in your favour.

2.If u want to regain health or you are suffering from any disease keep parad pyramid between north & north east.

3.If u want to earn wealth from your business or job keep parad pyramid in north direction.

4.If u r suffering from any sexual problems keep parad pyramid between north & north west.

5.If u want success in politics & u r ambitious. if u want popularity fame support love & company from others keep parad pyramid in north west direction.

6.If u have depression anxiety mental stress. For emotional & mental health keep parad pyramid between north west & west.

7.If u have stomach problem digestion problem keep parad pyramid in west direction.

8.For good education getting good marks keep parad pyramid between west & south west.

9.If u want to balance full house. if u want support system for full house. If u want to remove vastu defects of ur house. If u want good relationship with your family members & spouse keep parad pyramid in south west direction.

10.If u want to marry or if u want to improve ur married life keep 2 parad pyramids of same weight in south west direction. You will get instant results.

11.If u want to reduce your over expenditure keep parad pyramid between south & south west.

12.If u r suffering from insomnia & want peaceful sleep keep parad pyramid in south direction.

13.For wealth accumulation & money storage keep parad pyramid between south & south east.

14.If u want some change or transformation in life like change of job or change of business keep parad pyramid between east & south east.

15.If u want anything new in life like new child for child birth if u want growth or new job or anything new keep parad pyramid in east direction.

16.If u want good relationship with others. if u want good image good public image keep parad pyramid between east & north east.

17.if u want spiritual elevation enlightenment peace harmony for improving meditation keep parad pyramid in north east direction.

Original Energized 100 % Pure Parad Pyramid Costs
81 gms. – 3500 (Discounted Rate – 3000/-)
154 gms. – 4200 (Discounted Rate – 3500/-)
240 gms. – 6000 (Discounted Rate – 5000/-)
311 gms. – 7775 (Discounted Rate – 6000/-)
Its my favorite product

Original Authentic Energized Indrajaal costs 7000 Rs. Many people sell it in 50 k & 1 lakh also.


Original Authentic Energized Indrajaal costs 7000 Rs.
Many people sell it in 50 k & 1 lakh also.
Its very powerful & auspicious plant root.
This is a sea herb. It has miraculous powers.
Our ancient scriptures praise indrajaal in very high words.
It emits very high positive vibrations.
Indrajaal can be mounted at the entry after being framed. it can be kept at the place of worship. it can be placed in the living room.
Many VIP have it in their house.
It gives immense popularity & power.
It wards off all the negative energies evil eye nazar dosh
It gives peace happiness wealth & abundance
It protects from known & unknown dangers.
It saves from politics in the office.
It gives physic powers.
Indrajaal is very rare and of great importance. It can not be found easily & it fulfills all your desires.

Importance and Benefits of Indrajaal

Indrajaal is in use since Vedic culture first sprouted and that is the time of all creation. It is used to solve many problems of our life such as

Indrajaal is very powerful in removing the bad influence and evil effects of spirits and ghosts
black magic and evil eye effect is also removed with its help
All your financial troubles and losses will be recovered
If you suffer from vastu dosha than it will be removed
Indrajaal also wads off influence of negative energy away from you.
It activates and generates flow of positive energy around
It helps to prevent theft, attack, misfortune and any impeding danger on family.
It also brings good fortune,
success in business and
Provides stability in finance.
Abundance and prosperity is observed in your life.
A protective circle is made all around you and your family.

Some other benefits of Indrajaal:

Indrajaal also protects a family and its occupants from the ill health, diseases and poisonous effect of animal or creature.
It increases power to overcome on sickness.

Method of using Indrajaal

A fully purified, energized and siddh Indrajaal can brings its powerful and magical effects. We fully charge it with mantras and Siddh before sending to our customers. It is also used as talisman for positive energy and magical power.

It can be placed in any holy place, Almirah, living room and can be hung or mounted on ball.
It can be framed somewhere in your house or workplace
It is very rare product and hardly accessible for people.
We get it from our loyal reliable occult source. It is of great importance and provides instant relief in life.



Indrajaal is a special root. I have heard about it

Bhasker Cheerag Pandey Indrajaal is a special root. I have heard about it from Ravan samhita.Clears the negative energies where it is kept coz of its own spiritual energy inside as it also guides the person with immense energy to overcome bad luck/ situations by strenthning Kundalini.. Great job Vedant Sharmaa for providing a genuine one

You r a really very gud human being ..

M Aves Qureshi 5:37 PM (0 minutes ago)

to me Dear Sir

You r a really very gud human being .. ap se me 2014 se connect u . not a long time but . but ap se connect ho kar bhut acha laga . feeling gud . bhut sari problam ap ne solve ki he meri . and ap ki two perdiction bhi right ho gayi .. insha- allha future me bhi ap ki perdiction right ho.

MIRZYA adds to unlucky no. 16 (7) of ketu it means warning of some strange fatality danger of accidents defeat of

Image result for mirzya

MIRZYA adds to unlucky no. 16 (7) of ketu
it means warning of some strange fatality danger of accidents defeat of one's plans.its a very fatal no. it may lead to failure or disaster.
In Tarot also 16 means ek taraf kuaan ek taraf khaayi
Hence MIRZYA is a disaster at box office.It couldn't even recover its promotional budget.
Harshvardhan Kapoor adds to 67 (4) unlucky unfortunate unpredictable no. of rahu
He is also running in his unlucky 26th(8) year
Saiyami Kher adds to 26 (8) unlucky disaster no. of shani saturn.
It was very unlucky project according to numerology.